Getting dirty while social distancing

No, not that. Put your pants back on!

While I enjoy nothing more, than riding into battle with my fellow Pigs every weekend, we are being forced to consider a different approach. It won’t be as effective on the concentrated dump sites, but might help us finally tackle all the scattered little items everywhere. 

As you probably have heard, we Nevadans are told not to gather in groups of more than 10, as to help prevent spreading the COVID-19. Considering how many of our volunteers fall into the danger zone of some scary statistics, I don’t even want to see 10 Pigs working together. 

So then, how do we continue cleanups under such restrictions? With transfer stations closed in some areas, our deserts are filling up with illegal dumps, and it’s undoing all of our hard work. 

I scratched my chinny-chin-chin for a bit on this, and this is what I’ve come up with:

  1. Everyone with a truck bed and/or trailer, hit the trails.
  2. Pick up trash you find, and take pics/video (both for proof, and for showing off)
  3. Take note of where you find it. GPS coordinates are best, but a map screenshot (preferably in satellite view) will work. 
  4. Contact me on Facebook Messenger or text me at 775-220-7152 with the photos, plus what you’re driving (Make, model, and color).
  5. Take it to the Dayton transfer station, and it will be billed to Desert Pigs!


  • Without steps 3 and 5, I cannot cover the bill for your load.
  • Minimum charge per vehicle is for 2.5 cubic yards (or a filled pickup bed). 
  • DO NOT PICK UP: TV’s, tires, refrigerators, oil, wet paint, dead animals, or anything toxic. The transfer station will not take those. 
  • Beware of used needles. If you find some, they must be sealed in a plastic container (like a water bottle or Sharps container) before dumping at the transfer station. 
  • Take special care at the transfer station. Wear a mask, and keep a safe distance from the workers there, as much as possible, to keep them and their loved ones safe. 

As with every new Pig idea, this plan is half-baked, and may change later. But let’s give it a shot, and see where this goes! Feel free to hit me up with any ideas or questions. 

What a great reason to get out of the house, while maintaining social distance!