MISSION STATEMENT: Prevention and removal of illegal dump sites on publicly accessible lands. 

What we are:

  • We are a group of citizens, working hard every weekend to take our open spaces back from the selfish few, who treat the desert like it’s a free dumping ground.
  • We are volunteers, who sacrifice a day every weekend to venture into the mountain desert to get dirty. 
  • We are donors, who give cash, vouchers, and supplies to keep the effort going. 
  • We are locals who take great pride in our community, enough to actually do something about it. 

What we are not:

    • We are not government.
  • We are not a religious organization.
  • We are not environmental activists.
  • We are not a yard cleanup business.

Desert Pigs are regular people who stepped up to become heroes.

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How it all started…

The first load: June 16, 2018