Please welcome to the Pig family:

CuPĀ® is an already established group, which has joined ours, so that we may share our insurance, gear, and sometimes even volunteers, to help keep their efforts going in Southern Nevada. We are honored to become a part of their adventures!


Mission Statement:

Removal of illegal dumps from publicly accessible lands

  • We are not government.
  • We are not a religious organization.
  • We are not environmental activists.
  • We are not a yard cleanup business.

We meet on weekends, at various locations, then hit the trails to eliminate the dumps. We usually keep it short, only working a couple hours in the morning. Volunteers bring their own trucks, trailers, and muscle. Dumps are paid for by donations from people who love our wild west.

Over 1,600 cubic yards of illegal dumps removed from our desert

How it all started…

The first load: June 16, 2018