Volunteer with Desert Pigs

To participate, you MUST:

  • Wear thick-soled shoes
  • Bring plenty of water
  • Dress for the weather

Runs tend to last approximately 3 hours. Volunteers who can bring trucks and/or trailers are always greatly appreciated, but neither is required. Trails are dusty, and can get rough. Know the capabilities of your vehicle. Trash piles can contain many hazards, such as nails, broken glass, needles, and venomous wildlife. Always pay attention to where you stand, and where you put your hands.

Community service volunteers welcome. It’s up to you to arrange with the court and supply papers for us to sign.

We need an army for this one! There is a huge dump just outside the Yerington Paiute Tribe, which will need all the hands, trucks and trailers we can get. This spot has been used as a free dumpsite for too long. It’s time to take it back!

Meet at Arrowhead Market

Quick spot clean up by the VA cemetery

Meet at the paring lot by Denny’s

If you would like to pitch in for dump fees and lunch for volunteers: