Let’s get dirty!

Omega dump

Johnson Lane OHV Area

NOTE: Children are not allowed to participate in this particular cleanup. 

Saturday, August 6
9:00 AM

Meet at Johnson Lane General Store. From there, we will take a 10+ mile ride down the trails, where we will return to a massive cleanup job, where we once discovered some disturbing images, which got the FBI called in to investigate.

The scene was cleared by the feds quite some time ago, but fate has yet to allow us to finish this cleanup. Let’s get out there and wipe it out! There are old camper trailers, and literal tons of garbage to move. The more hands and rigs we have out there, the quicker we can stick a fork in this spot. As noted above, we won’t be letting kids participate with this one, just in case there’s something bad still out there.

It’s time to make this spot safe again.



Saturday, August 13
8:00 AM

Some off-grid campers have trashed the trails pretty bad in Fernley. If we don’t clean up after them, nobody else will. Help us keep the trails safe from dangerous debris. Let’s load it up and haul it out.

This one is a little earlier. Meet next to Terribles at 8:00 AM.