Dayton Pigs Desert Cleanup #8

A little unhealthy air ain’t gonna’ stop the Pigs! Despite the second-hand smoke from a burning California next door, the fight to liberate our desert trails continued.

We had a great turnout, and as always, had a blast doing what we do out there. Fueled by donuts from Baker’s Dozen, our group of local heroes moved tons of trash from the desert, including an enormous pile of roof shingles. Those were rough – no easy way to move a couple thousand crumbly old shingles, into or out of a trailer.

While we are pretty chill out there, we have recognized the need to enforce some rules for the group. During our next 8am sign-in and briefing, we will go over some of these requirements for our volunteers. Things like, smoking – no lighting up out there in the sagebrush. While I, myself have been guilty of sneaking one behind a dune, this can be no longer tolerated.

I’m sure we’ll hav a few more rules added, just to keep everyone safe out there. But for the most part, I dig the chaos.