Day 1

The first load: June 16, 2018

Dayton Pigs began as a single effort to remove a couple couches from a desert trail, after reading a couple angry posts on social media, where someone was putting up pictures of illegally dumped trash, furniture, and appliances, captioning each photo, “Dayton PIGS!”

I put out the word on social media, that I could haul a trailer to one of the spots to pick up the junk, asking for help paying the dump bill (as I am usually broke).

Some Daytonites pitched in a few bucks, and I hit the trails three days later with one of my kids and a couple of my friends.

We snatched couches out of the sand and picked up scattered couch guts. John’s old filled up pretty quick, and then we hit the dirt roads to the transfer station.

Between the illegal dumpsite and the transfer station, we were shocked by the amount of trash we saw along the way. There was no way the five of us, with just a single trailer, could tackle such a huge problem.

I decided to make this an every week thing, offering a chance for any locals who wanted to participate. I set up a GoFundme to collect cash for the dump fees. I welcomed anybody who wanted to help, to join me in the dirt.

In the following weeks, I would be shocked to see how many people wanted to get dirty. By week 6, we were a convoy of 15 trucks and trailers, including a Lyon County Sheriff’s deputy with 2 inmates.

I thank everyone for your continuing support to keep this project going. Without donors, we can’t pay dump fees. Without volunteers, this would take too long, to outpace the illegal dumpers. Dayton, Nevada has shown itself to be a town filled with generous, hard-working people of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities, who care enough to get out there and work, getting nothing in return. The positive energy from this effort is something I’ve never experienced before.

Thanks, Dayton! Now let’s keep this thing going!