IT’S BACK ON: Saturday Cleanup in Mound House

I’m sure a scrapper could make use of this.

UPDATE: we have a couple hands and trailers that tagged in at the 11th hour, so we’re gonna go ahead and clean Mound House!

I originally canceled the event (and maybe got a little drama-queen about it). But we’re back on! Woohoo!

Meeting at 10am at S&S Mini Mart / Our Park at the bottom of Dayton Hill. Show up if you wanna ride! Bring work gloves, and dress for whatever the weather decides it wants to do this day.

We cleaned this spot just a couple weeks ago. Now there’s a busted old camper and a trailer full of crap up there!
What’s in the box?!?! [Brad Pitt voice]
This abandoned truck was blocking the road. I had to smash through the brush to get around it.
Legend has it, a gentleman with a bit of a drug problem lived here, before being hauled off for an extended vacation.